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Submission Guidelines

Download the School of Education e-Journal (Te iti Kahurangi) submission guidelines

Criteria for acceptance guidelines:

  • Is the Abstract no longer than 150 words?
  • Does the title and key words correspond to the research focus?
  • Is the purpose of the research/professional inquiry/literature review stated clearly?

    For a paper based on original research:
  • Is there sufficient detail provided to allow the reviewer to ascertain the appropriateness of the research design for addressing the research question?
  • Is the methodological approach identified along with the research procedures?
  • Are the main results presented with a logical focus relating to the research question?
  • Is there a statement regarding future research directions?  


eJournal Guidelines for Submission:

Submission Please submit your article in Microsoft Word through the e-journal website
Review All articles will be reviewed by an independent reviewer along with editorial comment. The editors’ decision regarding acceptance will be final. Feedback and proofs will be sent to the first author.
Must include: Separate cover page with title, authors’ names, affiliation to any organization or institute and contact email address
Brief abstract (100-150 words), key words and a reference list (APA 6th Edition).
May include Brief acknowledgments – at the end of the text and before the reference list
Total word count 2,500 – 3,500 words (not including the abstract, key words or references). Longer articles may be submitted if prior approval is gained from the editors


General Format Requirements for Article Submission

Active ‘Voice’ Use the active voice rather than the passive
Language Remove all bias in language
Font – normal text Times New Roman 12 point
Margins 2.54cm - On both sides and top and bottom
Text justification Left
Line spacing 1
Space between sentences Use two spaces after a full stop.
Space between paragraphs Double spacing
Article title
(Heading style 1)
Centred, bold, first letter of important words capitalised, font size 16 point.
Sub heading
(Heading style 2)
Flush left, bold, first letter of important words capitalised, font size 14 point.
Sub-sub heading
(Heading style 3)
Indented (1 cm), bold, first letter of first word capitalised, and end with a full stop/period, font size 12 point.
Quotations Fewer than 40 words – enclose in double quotation marks within the text More than 40 words – in a block of text indented 5 spaces from left with no quotation marks and no italics.
Tables Place each table in the text closest to where you describe it. Table captions (8pt) go above the table, are left justified and written in italics.
Figures Place each figure (e.g. photograph, chart, graph and/or model) in the text closest to where you describe it. Figure captions (8pt) go below the figure, are left justified and written in italics.
Reference List Use a hanging indent and single line spacing within each reference and a double space between references.
Confidentiality No actual names or identifying information to be used unless you state that you have permission