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About the Waitohu

Te Iti kahurangi  School of Education e-Journal (A collection of Gems) Waitohu

The important aspects within our BEd (ECT) programme at Manukau Institute of Technology are depicted within the tohu (design)  throughout the e-Journal. The five aspects relating to this design and their meanings are:

  • Holistic – relates to the ‘spirals’, a holistic but transforming structure also signifying kotahitanga (unity)
  • Hononga – relates to the four interlinking/interlocking matapono (principles)
  • Ako – relates to the learning/teaching of pukenga (skills), and the steps evolving in this process
  • Tikanga – relates to the symmetrical patterns which are the underlying understandings which frame processes
  • Manaia – relates to the two elements of kaitiaki (guardians), but their purpose is to link elements, i.e. child/parents, student/tutor, teaching/learning; the Bicultural component of the programme is also reflected here as Manaia swirl around each other. Houhanga Taketake are the binding elements weaving all the elements of the programme together to support the child.